GymBagToday’s Illustration:
Lacoste $ Travel Shopper or $ Large Tote, aerie $ seamless reversible sports bra, Reebok $ studio slipper or 2.0, Havaianas ‘Slim’ Flip Flop $ kids or $$ women’s, pocket hair brush $ Conair or $$$ Mason Pearson, no snag hair ties $ Chelsea and Marbles or $$ J.Crewno slip headband $ Under Armour or $$ Lululemon, Living Proof $ Prime Style Extender

Have you heard of Class Pass? For less than $100 (price varies regionally) take unlimited classes all over the country. The one drawback: studios only allow three visits monthly. I didn’t join at first because I love Physique57 (which is available) but I need it more than three times a month.

I had a vacation and a renewal coming up, but I didn’t want to pay for P57 since I’d be away. Since CP – membership includes other cities – I decided to support a friend (actually, my “cousin-in-law”) and give Class Pass a much needed try. (Which led to a gym bag update.)

What can’t you live without at the gym? And, have you tried Class Pass, yet? If so, PLEASE share any tips or recommendations. (:

Two weeks into CP I’m surprised to say I might be converted. I thought the hassle of preparing for different studios might be too much. But, the interface (web or app) is (although could benefit from a few improvements) intuitive and  incredibly nice to look at.

There are the classes that seem instantly booked (P57 included – I wish there were more openings!) I’ve been able to get in most classes I wanted (and go five days a week!) I look forward to trying new ones and planning my week. And, I love that I got to go while I was on vacation.

Now that I have more to prepare – an easy gym bag is essential to get up and go each morning. Since my workouts have expanded outside familiarity, I need my bag stocked for the unknown.

Carrying two bags (a gym tote and a purse) became cumbersome; I researched and chose this super oversized Lacoste shopper. (Yes, I did not go for the standard issue standard issue.) This tote is durable but incredibly light; I like that it has a structure vs the flimsy Longchamp.

So, what’s in my gym bag?

1) flip flops: I have to have these. Showering barefoot where hundreds of New Yorkers also showered GROSSES me out. (Side note: during my first “real” job, our bosses cleaned out the closet and gave unwanted Louboutins to us lowly interns. Sadly, my feet were too small *shocker*  so I walked away with a dust bag. Sad trombone.)

2) make-up bag: As I wrote the other week, I keep it very simple.

3) hair stuff: I love these super-soft ties. They don’t add kinks and my friend makes them in fun colors. I also go for a head band to keep hair out of my face (I need to focus!) While hair is still damp, I love using Living Proof Prime Style Extender. And, keeping with my minimal make-up bag – I like this travel size hair brush.

4) other favorites: My Reebok studio slippers are affordable, light, and look great. I’ve switched from grippy socks because they were wearing down quickly. I also can’t get enough of the sports bras from aerie. While some aren’t the best support, all are great for lower-impact workouts like barre or spinning. They are all REALLY cute; seriously almost all my sports bras are aerie.

Well, I’m rambling on – sorry about that!

Thanks for viewing!