Physique 57 Workout Outfit

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
mesh inset leggings $$ adidas by Stella McCartney or $ VS, strappy detail tank $$ Athleta or $$$ Alexander Wangcolorful sports bra $$ Gap or $ H&Mgrip socks $ Free Peoplebarre shoes $$$ Blake Brody or $ Reebok

Those of you who know me in real life had to know a Physique post was coming up! I am obsessed and I have to tell the world.

There are a lot of reasons I wanted to “get in shape:” to be stronger, have more energy, look great in my wedding dress, etc.

After failing to find programs that made a difference – a colleague’s recommendation influenced me to give (pricey) Physique57 a try. A little less than thirty days before my wedding, I booked my first class.

I got a promotion for one month unlimited classes for around $200. The “Newcomer’s Challenge” stuck me with a punch card and the promise of 20% off my next purchase if I could attend 16 or more classes within the month.

Obsessed with achieving the discount, I attended religiously. I quickly learned classes were easiest to squeeze in (and most effective) at 6:30 in the morning. Not only did this help me avoid a packed commute, but I was getting in the office well before anyone else (even the VP!) And, I love and value that time to work uninterrupted.

I attended eighteen classes the first month.

Now on my third month – I attend four to six times a week. Since my extreme clean-eating has subsided post-wedding, I’ve gained back some weight. But, Physique still has me feeling strong and seeing leaner proportions in my figure.

Style at P57 is not to be taken lightly. These ladies show up cute and kill it every morning before most people even wake up.

Long or capri length skinny leggings (typically black) seem to be the dress code. Since aerie (my company) has a laid back atmosphere, I sometimes wear my leggings to there. I recently bought these adidas by Stella McCartney ones that have really fun mesh inset details and look great with a leather jacket and silky tank.

Because 5:30 is too early to try to mix and match, I usually grab monotone pieces and insert color via sports bra. H&M has really cute styles with strappy details and flirty colors. (Since Physique is relatively low-impact, you don’t need a lot of support depending on your figure.)

Socks with traction are a must in class. You spend a lot of times on your toes or hanging off the barre, so you need some grip. They sell them for $10 (yowza) at the studio, but I get my at Amazon (4 for $13.) I recently saw these at Free People and I love the sayings!

I didn’t mean to make this such a long post, but I hope you are inspired to try out P57 (or just hit the gym!) If the price tag is intimidating – check out ClassPass, an amazing membership that lets you try hundreds of classes in New York City (or SF, DC, or tons of other cities) for only $99 a month!! (And yes, Physique57 participates!)

Have you done P57? ClassPass? What do you think?