Vince Camuto Caprita Pointy PumpsToday’s Fashion Illustration:
Vince Camuto ‘Caprita’ Leather Pointy Toe Pumps

As you may know, my feet are ridiculously small. I read a lot of petite blogs, but so far none of them rival the child-size-ness of my feet. I own these shoes in size 4.5!

Sometimes, when purchasing sneakers at the less expensive kids’ price, this is awesome. Other times, when I can’t find a grown-up-lady shoe to save my life, it is so frustrating and depressing I want to crawl into a shoe-less-land and give up. (So sad!)

Seriously, here is a typical example of me shoe shopping:

I need a red strappy pump with a medium height low skinny heel! (two hours later) I need a red pump. (four hours later.) I will take any shoe that is remotely red and has a heel.

Fortunately, that scene doesn’t happen much anymore thanks to better online shopping, “free shipping, and free returns.”

My husband (and doorman) know that my quest for the perfect pump has been a long and laborious one filled with tons of incoming and outgoing boxes.

Finally thisIt’s so wonderful, I own it in “cashmere cream” and “black leather.”

(Side note: The first pair of heels I got from VC broke. The heel snapped during my first wear. VC customer service was apologetic and refunded my money.) Plus, these shoes are enough to keep me coming back for more. I love the shape, the fit, and the low three inch heel. It’s just the right height and proportion for me.

They’ve stood up to a wedding and the work day – walking from the gym to the office and riding the PATH. While my feet weren’t singing at the end of the day — they weren’t in excruciating pain either. Also, my feet didn’t pop out while walking which is something I have never experienced in my life!!

Do you have a favorite go to pump? And, does it come in size 4.5? Haha.

Thanks for viewing today’s fashion illustration.