Here’s the final result of my fashion sketch! It was completed with watercolor and cleaned up in Photoshop.

All Saints Spitalfields Cargo Leather biker jacket watercolor fashion illustration sketch

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
 $$$ Cargo Biker Jacket 
or Free People $$ Vegan Leather Moto

These days, it seems the leather moto is an on-trend must-have. The price tag can average well over $300; so I see it as something of an “investment.” For what you could end up spending, this jacket should last forever.

I’m not sure about tailoring leather, so I wanted something that looked great off the hanger. (A tall order for a short girl.)

My hunt for the perfectly proportioned piece lasted two years. (My friend, also spent a year choosing her leather love.) But, it was well worth it!

With spring around the corner, I knew the perfect time to bite the bullet would be for our trip to Hong Kong. (At this time of year, HK begs for a light jacket, especially at night.)

After nights of online research, I decided to go AllSaints in Soho after work. I called ahead and asked them to hold the “cargo biker” in size 0. (I’m incredibly paranoid and I just know every small woman is going to snatch up what I want before I get a chance to buy mine.)

If you haven’t been, the AllSaints store is glorious. It has a great atmosphere, quirky vintage decor, and the scent of leather is intoxicating.

I tried on the jacket; it looked great. But, was it the one?!

A really nice associate helped me try on every leather jacket in the store. He had me try size 0, size 2, size 4… we switched back and forth as I texted pics to my mom and VNg.

Eight styles, twenty sizes, and roughly one hour later I walked out with the “cargo biker” in size 0; the exact one I called for them to hold. (I guess, always go with your gut.) It has a great classic cut, just the right amount of distressing, and it will really wear well. They advised getting something a little more snug than usual since it will stretch over time.

At the checkout, the woman nonchalantly mentioned, “You can return for store credit only, no refunds.” (I’m infamous for changing my mind; the option to return something gives me a huge sense of comfort.) My gut wrenched as I paid. I walked out the door feeling excited, but nervous. Did I do the right thing?! Would I still love it when I got home and showed VNg?! Well, after wearing it and feeling ahhhmazing, I do not have buyer’s remorse; I LOVE THIS JACKET! I cannot wait to wear it again and again for years.

Do you have a leather love?

(Please shop responsibly.)