I pulled a couple more pages from my fashion sketchbook… this time inspired by the J.Crew fall catalog. (You might have seen a sneak peek on my Instagram last night.) Today’s post is a little more about my process and where I want to take Sketchbook Closet in the future. I hope you enjoy!

J.Crew fall fashion sketch - trend: camoToday’s Fashion Illustration: Tombo dual brush pen and Adobe Photoshop CS6

J.Crew fall fashion sketch - trend: sporty

I’m a huge huge fan of J.Crew. So, pulling pages from their catalogs for practice is easy and fun. (I just have to be careful not to be tempted to purchase everything from the pages.)

Drawing with marker can be a little bit daunting, but I really like the focus it forces. (Plus, it’s just the sketchbook – and I think there’s a lot of merit to not keeping your sketchbook “precious.”)

I went to a workshop taught by the amazing Bil Donovan (check out his work!) He had everyone approach drawing the form with a limited (say 3 or 4) amount of simple shapes. This approach was challenging but also really great. It made my mind focus and it also had me thinking of ways to pull out tiny details without getting too zeroed in on them. A lot of times it’s easy to forget “the big picture” which ultimately (typically) ruins the drawing.

Most of my drawings on Sketchbook Closet are done in Photoshop – mainly out of necessity. It’s quick, it’s easy, and I’m pretty lazy. It’s a lot easier to open my laptop then to pull out all my watercolors & pencils. (Which is why I definitely envy artists like Kristina Hultkrantz of Emma Kisstina – she recently posted her gorgeous workspace.)

But, when I had a look back on the posts of my blog – I felt a sort of disappointment with myself. Everything looks the same. And, I felt that there’s a kind of “rushed” quality to it all — that most of the drawings are just “good enough.” But, they’re not doing what I wanted – which was to provide an outlet for improvement and experimentation.

So, I hope you’ll be patient with me while I figure out exactly what I want Sketchbook Closet to be. As always, thanks for viewing!