It’s officially summer and everyone’s taking vacation!! I, too, packed my bags yet again. This time I went to Cali to see my beautiful baby nephew. In honor of the long flight, I’ve done a fashion illustration of my favorite summer outfit for flying. (PS. This doesn’t really look like me…erp, sorry. I drew it on the super shaky plane!)

A girl on the go!

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
denim jacket Hollister (or $ PacSun)Luster necklace by Good Season, Striped Maxi Dress F21 (or $$ Nordstrom), Legacy Medium Candace Carryall $$ Coachdot scarf Muji (or $$ Juicy Couture), crochet wedges Steve Madden

What to wear when jetsetting.

I’m not a big fan of the maxi. (I’m only five feet tall,) I feel it swallows me. But, for all day travel – it’s the best. It’s comfortable, versatile, and cute. Plus, it layers well; and, layering is key when you’re in the freezing airport or aren’t sure what the weather’s like at your destination.

Basically, a maxi is so comfortable it might as well be sweatpants. Except, you’re not wearing sweatpants. It might sound silly, but you never know who you might run into. If I bump into my boss or a potential client, I don’t want to be in PJs!

These days, you have to jump through numerous hoops just to get to the gate. I’ve got a couple of tricks that make it less of a headache.

1) No clunky jewelry. You’ll have to take it off – increasing the chance you might lose or forget it in those sad bins. I go for subtle and understated on flight days.

2) Simple layers. I top on items that are easy to throw on and off. You know the TSA is going to make you take all that stuff off… so the easier, the better.

3) Skip the belt. It’s just annoying taking it on and off while people are standing there waiting for their luggage to come off the conveyor.

4) My most essential trick: Carry an extra pair (or two) of socks!! They are still doing the “take off your shoes” thing. So, if it’s summer and you want to wear sandals… PROTECT yourself against the naaaaasty airport floor. Plus, if your flight is long – you can ditch your shoes. I choose my silliest socks for the security check. (I go for cute characters, ramen packaging, or Psy.) It adds a little smile to my face even if I’ve been in line for forty minutes.

Safe travels, everyone! Thanks for viewing!!