All my life I’ve felt like a jack of all trades. I never seem to master of one thing, but “get by” at a lot of things. I think because I have too much going on in my brain, I can’t focus on any one subject for long.

Fashion illustration of a crisp white pop over and soft washed peach pastel denim with a Kate Spade pebbled leather tote

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
Chandler Pinot Noir $ Warby Parkerwhite popover BCBG (or $$ J.Crew), Luster necklace by Good Season, pastel skinny jeans $ asospatent wedges Guess Outlet (or $$ Michael Kors and $$$ Jimmy Choo), pebbled leather bag Kate Spade (or $$ Cole Haan and $$$ Marc by Marc Jacobs)

This is one of my biggest downfalls. It results in abandoned ideas and unfinished projects. But, I never want Sketchbook Closet to become that. I really love this blog.

I constantly struggle with feeling accomplished, being fulfilled creatively, my career, relationships, and fitness. Plus, I’m a perfectionist. (It’s embarrassing to admit) because of that I used to have an emotional meltdown every other week.

But, I believe in designing your destiny. After a bit of sulking and ten boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese – I assessed the situation and came up with a plan of attack. I quit my job, pursued freelancing, and started this fashion illustration blog. (I had a lot of help and support from VNg. I couldn’t have done any of this without him.)

The point: I love creating for this blog. (Obviously I hope it makes me successful enough to lounge and draw all day while feasting on popcorn.) That aside, seeing my work progress (& hopefully improve), having an outlet, and pages of proof that I’m actually doing something… is priceless. (VNg says that since I started the blog, I’m happier, more balanced, and productive. And no more breakdowns – yay!)

I won’t overlook how I feel when I receive encouraging feedback from you, my viewers, (complete strangers!) I’m a skeptic and my worst critic. I overlook compliments. But, I can’t ignore your comments and emails. So, thank you tons!!!

I’m still trying to control all the noise in my brain… (Including my super secret surprise launch — Ahhhh!!! I can’t wait to share!) But, I promise I’m going to stick with this. Even if it’s once a week – I’m going to keep posting!!! (And, I won’t beat myself up for not meeting the ridiculous standard I’ve set for myself.)

Thank you so much, again, for all of your kind words. ♥