Hello, I’m finally back with a new fashion illustration!! I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend (and hopefully a nice day off!) Apologies for my longer-than-expected absence. I can’t divulge a lot of details, but I’m working on a new project that I think you’ll really love! So, I’ve been spending a little bit of my blog time designing for this new endeavor. I can’t wait to share it with you!

camping fashion illustration a&ftank, neon breton stripe, chambray shirt, black denim, converseToday’s Fashion Illustration:
tank Hollister Co. (or J.Crew Factory), breton stripe tee Seoul (or $$ J.Crew), chambray button-up TopShop (or $$ Madewell), black denim $ asos, collegiate hoodie RISD (or $$ J.Crew), **slip-on sneakers $ Converse (or Bloomingdale’s)

So yes, believe it or not – I went camping!! In the woods! I slept in a tent! On the ground! (Honestly, it was not as bad as it sounds.)

Since the weather was a little chilly – it was important to have a lot of layers. It worked out great; I was comfortable while tossing a football back and forth–and I was warm while sitting around sketching. (It was also key that we had “heat tech” under layers for sleeping.)

This was my first time camping; I was scared of what it might be like. But, I ended up having a fantastic time and I can’t wait for my next camping trip!

**Note: My converse sneakers are the kids’ version (size 3!) Converse sneakers run pretty large. If you have small feet like me (size 5) you can probably get away with the much cheaper kids’ version!!