Lately, the weather’s been so gloomy. (I hate it.) I did a cheery fashion illustration to brighten up the day. I hope you like it!

Fashion illustration, Madewell shirt, Polka Dot mini, mint bandeau, Coach Penny Legacy Perforated

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
essential boyshirt $$ Madewell, mint bandeau TNA (or $ Urban Outfitters), jersey dot mini skirt Seoul (or $ F21), pop color sneakers Seoul (or $ Van’s), perforated Penny $$ Coach Legacy

My vacation’s nearly here. I’m so ready to go. I feel like a senior in high school and it’s the last week before summer break. Fortunately, I’ve been really busy at work and time is flying.

Yesterday I did some last minute shopping for the trip. It was kind of hilarious. We got to the mall right before they closed so I was running around like a mad-woman.

But, it paid off! I finally got some cute swim cover-ups.

Since I just bought one for the first time yesterday, let’s talk about rompers. I’ve been so afraid of them for the longest time. I don’t know why. A lot of my girlfriends love them. And, I see a tons of cute romper styling on the web, Pinterest, fashion mags, etc. etc.

I guess I’m terrified they’ll make me look like a child. Or, that they’ll emphasize how short my legs are. Or, that it will be so awkward and uncomfortable to go to the bathroom. (I’m I being crazy?)

Well, I got over my (irrational) fear and bought a really cute black crocheted romper.

I’m not ready to incorporate them into my work/weekend wear yet (if ever), but I figure throwing it over my swimsuit is a safe start.

What do you think? Love rompers… am I totally crazy? Or, like me – are they too much for you? Let me know!

Thanks so much for viewing. <3