Hello and Happy Monday! I’m so pleased with the (recently) warm weather I wanted to feature a fashion illustration of one of my favorite dresses.

Light summer denim chambray day dress from Madewell

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
chambray shirtdress Madewell (or $ F21 and $$ Saks)

Also – another exciting moment for Sketchbook Closet: a fun feature from Nina of Anything et Everything! If you haven’t already checked out her beautiful site, I hope you do!

VNg and I had a fun weekend; we spent time with friends and family and got fresh air.

Meanwhile, I returned about 80% of the online purchases I made last week. I’m trying to prepare for our vacation, but failing miserably.

I love online shopping for the convenience, size availability, and transparency of stock. But sometimes you just can’t beat being in person, touching the fabric, and trying on in store. (A lot of my returns were due to quality or bad fit.)

One thing I learned the hard way: always use free shipping and free returns!! Don’t do what I did: throw away about $30 on shipping just to end up with two bikini bottoms. (I’m glaring at you Victoria’s Secret!! Seriously, how can they NOT always offer free shipping!?)

Now I’m really prudent about only shopping on sites that always offer free shipping or have promos.

Do you prefer online or in store shopping? Either way, I hope you’ve had better luck. When I told my friend how many returns I’ve made lately – she commented, “Maybe you hate shopping.” Haha.

Thanks for viewing!!