The dictionary defines “illustration” as a depiction, something intended for explanation, the act of illuminating, or the act of clarifying or explaining. It’s ironic that it’s my job to figure out the best way to share an idea with people… sometimes I struggle just explaining things to myself.

glasses illustration

This weekend I had an amazing time catching up with close friends I rarely see. (Bi-coastal relationships don’t seem bad thanks to gchat, skype, and imessage.) But, spending real time together puts the importance of (actual) face time into perspective.

Lately, I’ve discovered that between VNg, work, illustration freelance, side projects, and other social obligations… my time is actually quite valuable. (I don’t have a lot to waste on negative energy.) I’ve been going through some tough transitions and I’ve finally found the clarity to realize what I want and what I need.

One of those things: great friends. Years ago, I was content bouncing between hundreds of acquaintances, time with my bf, or being on my own. (I still love doing that but, now) I especially appreciate surrounding myself with bright personalities that add to my life. And, as I’ve been learning with my blog posts… it’s about quality – not quantity!

I hope you all have a handful of great people you can surround yourself with… friends that make you a happier and better version of yourself.

Happy Monday!