Shopping for throwaway fashion can be a lot of fun. But, sometimes you need quality. And, when spending a lot; you want it to last. Just like getting your oil changed or your hair trimmed, clothes maintenance is something you can do regularly to keep old faves looking new.

lint roller, sweater shaver, wrapping paper, tissue, packing paper, dust bag, sweater comb - all from Amazon for under $10

Today’s Illustration: Everything under $10~!
pill shavertravel size lint rollersweater combacid-free tissue paper, dust bagpacking paper

While most of these things are self-explanatory – I find the most valuable item is my sweater shaver (getting rid of pesky pills).

When using the electric shaver, be sure to use a sturdy flat surface and make sure the sweater is flat. (Wrinkles and kinks can lead to holes.) Don’t use the shaver on tissue knits, it will definitely rip them. Press gently and be patient. And, don’t over-shave. It can be fun and addictive… but you don’t want a bald spot!

I also bought VNg a sweater comb from J.Crew, but saw an even cheaper and cuter one on Amazon. There are also sweater stones which look cool, but I haven’t tried. If you do, let me know how you like it!

For shoes and bags, I always stuff and wrap them. Having tissue and packing paper on hand is great – especially when traveling. In case your shoes didn’t come with one – I saw cheap dust bags on Amazon. They would make a fun DIY project… adding a pretty stencil or pattern. (Of course, a dust bag would be easy to stitch up out of leftover fabric too. Maybe I should do a tutorial?)

Last but not least – I’m obsessed with these travel lint rollers. I cannot have enough of these! I keep one in our car, at my office, in our suitcase, etc. etc. Personally, I think stray strands make you look unkempt. (;