Packing away winter clothes and rediscovering summer pieces is one of my favorite things. I love re-evaluating my wardrobe and deciding what to keep or donate. But, being on a budget makes it hard to put together the perfect Spring closet. Alterations are an affordable and easy way to get something new.

army green parka fashion illustration via

Today’s Fashion Illustration: (altered) or $$ asos and $$$ Shopbop

More than I should, I buy things that don’t fit with the intention of altering them. But, it’s hard to find the time or motivation to actually sit at my sewing machine.

This Spring, I piled up skirts that are too long, jackets with sleeves that are too long, and pants that need hemming with the intention of getting them into circulation.

The biggest undertaking – altering this parka to fit me. I bought it on – most clothes are one size fits all (ie: shopping at night markets.) I loved the style but it made me look like I was twelve years old wearing my mom’s jacket.

Now that I’ve slimmed down the sleeves, raised the waistline, and adjusted the length of the sleeves… I love how it fits! Perfect for these cool Spring days… and saving me a few extra dollars! (;

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