A few months ago I got a message from my friend asking about collaborating with his shop, Tom’s Accessories.  Since then I’ve worn several pieces and perused the site too many times. It’s about time I organized my thoughts (with a new fashion illustration, of course.)

A fashion illustration inspired by Tom's Accessories, costume jewelry and accessoriesToday’s Illustration:
Cindy Bracelet & Hazel Stud Earrings Tom’s Accessories

If you regularly check Sketchbook Closet (I hope you do!) you probably notice that I’m not the biggest accessory aficionado.  Putting together a good outfit is hard work for me — throwing jewelry into the mix is just daunting.  (As I mentioned on a previous post) that’s why I was so excited to work with Tom’s.

The Online Experience
I love shopping online.  Tom’s store is well-done.  The navigation and product views are uncomplicated.  They have the “view all” feature – which I particularly love.  They also group products into collections and have a look book for styling inspiration.

As far as design & selection – they have a great range from grungy to preppy to ultra trendy.  I actually look on their site a lot (considering I’m not a huge jewelry person.)

There are great hi-res photos and lots of product views.  (That’s important to me.)  The only thing I wish they had were photos on models – for scale & proportion.  (I noticed a lot of other jewelry sites don’t have this.)  Tom’s is a newer site – hopefully they’ll add it in the future! 

Tom’s has a great online presence with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  They also have a small blog that highlights trends & celebrity style.

Product, Packaging & Price
If you follow my Instagram, you may remember the cute packaging my Tom’s came in.  The shipping & packaging was great.

Price-wise – I’d file Tom’s between F21 & Baublebar.  (Also, you won’t find any fine jewelry on Tom’s as you might on Baublebar or Shopbop.)  It’s definitely affordable.

The quality, despite low price, seems great.  Of the pieces I received, I’d say they rank above F21 or H&M jewelry in terms of make.

The Bottom Line
All in all, I’d say if you are a jewelry lover (or new to the scene, like me) I highly recommend giving Tom’s Accessories a shot.  (FYI They offer 50% off your first order and free shipping over $50!)