I’m SO over this snow & rain crap.  I’m ready ready ready for Spring (or SUMMER!)  Today’s (long overdue) fashion illustration – my beloved short rain boots & the Muji umbrella I ended up carrying back from HK (it was just 1″ too big for my suitcase!)

fashion illustration rain boots and Muji polka dot umbrella

Today’s illustration:
short rain boots $ Amazon & dot umbrella Muji (or $ Target)

As you can tell from the recent shortage of fashion illustrations – I’m having some trouble finding my motivation (and getting back into the stride of things after a three week vacation.)

On top of it – I recently went to the IFB conference where I met a ton of amazing bloggers and listened to a lot of great advice.  I left feeling inspired but also with a lot to puzzle.

What kind of blogger should I be?  Am I even stylish at all — are my outfits worthy of being documented everyday (especially amidst a sea of well photographed super chic style blogs)?

All these things have me pondering my identity, too.  And, what I’m discovering is that (at heart) I’m  an illustrator than anything else.  I’m slowly working out what that means for my style… and for Sketchbook Closet.

In the meantime – thanks for your patience… & viewing!!