Hello, again!! Today’s fashion illustrations are of my favorite purchases from Seoul!  (I didn’t really buy much in Hong Kong, believe it or not.)

Shopping in Seoul fashion illustration

dot scarf J.Crewdrape cardigan sweater Bebesweatshirt skirt Alexander Wang

Shopping in Seoul fashion illustration

vertical stripes Club Monaco, color-block Club Monaco, faux leather sleeve tee Pacific Sunwearsnake effect ballet flats the Outnet

Shopping in Seoul fashion illustration

French sailor’s shirt LL Beanneon pop boatneck tee J.Crew Factorypatterned flats Shopbopembellished sweatshirt Net-A-Porter

Sorry for the delay on updates.  I could hardly lift a finger after I got back from Asia; I was hit with a cold, the time difference, and good-old fashioned exhaustion!  Now things are back to normal and I will be updating regularly again.  Hopefully you stayed with me. (;

Seoul is one of my favorite shopping destinations.  Not only are you constantly surrounded by a ton of style savvy ladies, but the selection is cute, unique and affordable.  I found a lot of the things I had been targeting for Spring 2013.  (So many that I didn’t draw them all.  Gotta leave a few surprises for later, right?)

One of the major benefits of being a freelancer is that I was able to take off for three weeks without any real issue.  The downfall is that I wasn’t working for three weeks.  Combine that with all the shopping and – I’m on a tight budget!

I’m really happy that I came across the post on Extra Petite about budgeting for the year.  I find that it’s made me a more thoughtful shopper (no more regretful wastes of space in closet) and I have actually been sticking to it!!

After this spree in Seoul — I should probably limit any big spending until May 1st.  Two whole months.  Ahhhh!!  I think I can do it!!! (As Korean’s say) FIGHTING!!!

Could you do it??  Any advice is welcome.  (:

Thanks for viewing! <3