So a couple of years ago I’m shopping with my (super-fab) friend and ask “where do you usually get your hair done?  The waves are so beautiful.”  She says “What?! No – I curl it every morning with my ghd.”  I’m like “Huh!? A what what?!  You do this every morning and it lasts all day!?!?”

illustration of my favorite ghd gold styling tool

Today’s Illustration:
ghd Gold Styling tool $$ Sephora

illustration of my favorite ghd gold styling tool

My hair is super straight.  You could spray it, curl it, sleep in a bun and in the morning – it will brush out straighter than dry spaghetti.  I know, I know – I shouldn’t complain.  But, I’m sorry – it gets boring!!

My friend’s hair is so gorgeous I thought for sure she had a permanent.  I always wanted that but couldn’t commit.  So, I was pretty excited when introduced the option of going wavy some days and straight on others.

Let me tell you – this styling tool is incredible!

Me with the super straight hair – I can curl it in the AM and the waves last up to a couple of days!!  Groundbreaking since the longest I used to be able to get my curls to last was four hours.

And, just as my friend attested – once you get the hang of it you can curl the whole thing in about fifteen minutes.  AMAZING!

Plus, it’s essentially a flat iron.  So if I have a frizzy day – or if it just won’t lay right… Whoosh – I sweep it through and PERFECT silky straight hair.

I never thought I’d be the kind of girl to drop $$$ on a hair tool. I’ll admit – it is an amount that’s hard to part with.  But, I am so happy; I will never look back.  Plus – I’ve had it for about two years (and travel with it everywhere) and it is going strong!!  Seriously, it’s one of the best beauty products I’ve invested in.

ps. Buyer’s beware.  My instinct was to look for a deal on Amazon but believe it or not – there are knock-offs… of flat irons! (I know, unbelievable.)  I went the safe-route and bought it at Sephora to be sure I had the real deal vs. spending $$$ on a fake.