I don’t know why but I’ve been having a hard time getting out of bed.  (Maybe the trifecta of cold weather, gloomy skies, and action-packed weekends?)  I need to get in the habit of planning my outfit out the night before but, ’til then… leaving myself thirty minutes to get out the door makes me appreciate my winter wardrobe staples.

My illustration of ten winter essentials for layering. Silk scarf, leopard belt, easy tee, chambray button down, marled socks, leggings, leopard booties, grey cardigan, grandpa cardi and touch gloves from Ralph Lauren

Today’s Illustration:
printed scarf 
 ($ J.Crew Factory), leopard belt ($ asos and $$ Nordstrom), boat-neck stripe tee ($ asos and $$ G -Star), chambray shirt Topshop (or $ asos and $$ Madewell), marled socks ($ J.Crew), touch gloves ($$ Lauren Ralph Lauren), grandpa cardigan ($ Urban Outfitters and $$$ Brooks Brothers), pocket cardi J.Crew (or $ Target and $$$ Miu Miu), leggings Zara (or $$ Bare Necessities), leopard bootie LOFT (or $ Madden Girl and $$ Sam Edelman)

My uniform tends to be a button-down shirt and my favorite Zara leggings (or basic skirt).  They’re easy to dress up or down and even easier for layering.  When it’s 15 degrees outside, 60 at your desk and 40 in the conference room – layering is key.

Take a chambray shirt (or any button down) – it’s great on its own but you can add a long sleeve tee underneath, a cardigan or a blazer, (maybe even a grandpa cardi on top of that!) and wrap it up with a scarf.

V.Ng gave me these gloves for Christmas and I love them so much! I have a hard time finding gloves that don’t leave excess fabric at the tips — these come in S, M, L and the touch fingers are awesome.  I don’t know about you, but I hate taking off my gloves to look up directions or something.

I’m obsessed with these socks.  (I wish I’d gotten five pairs.)  You can wear them with ankle boots over skinny jeans or tights, under rain boots, or just lounging around.

Do you know about “cost per wear“?  (I read about it on one of my faves “Extra Petite“) – and I feel pretty good about the value of all these items.  I love them because they’re great standalone pieces but look good with a lot of other things in my closet.

I’m definitely getting my money’s worth!  Hooray!!