My outfit as a fashion illustration - Theory blazer with Club Monaco shirt and Forever21 shorts

Today’s Illustration:
blazer Theory (or $ Modcloth and $$ Bebe), crown print shirt Club Monaco, faux leather panel shorts Forever21, black tights asos, lace up ankle bootie Steve Madden (or $$$ Tory Burch), pebbled leather bag Kate Spade (or $$ Neiman Marcus and $$$$ Fendi), Luster necklace by Good Season

I feel like 80% of my friends born in the past three weeks. I love hanging out with my friends – celebrating the event of their birth… But come on guys; can’t we spread it out!?

Until about a week ago I was working from home. So, when I got out of bed (at 4pm) to get ready for a birthday dinner I compensated for my hobo-ness with an office-like outfit. In fact, someone asked if I “came straight from work?” Success.

What was that? Of course I didn’t just get out of bed two hours ago!

When it comes to wardrobe, I have a love/hate relationship with my jobs. Some how – doing fashion illustrations or graphics seems to exclude me from high sartorial expectations. I can even get away with jean shorts and sneakers.

There are times I’m incredibly grateful for this: when it’s 100 degrees and I see dudes in suits, when I’m sick, when my alarm doesn’t go off, when it goes off but I didn’t hear it, etc.

Other times (like when I looked in my closet and felt like a tween – Thanks A&F) I envy a grown-up-business wardrobe. I think, “When am I gonna feel like a grown-up lady?” (Because… I definitely do not.)

Is the grass always greener? Should I be happy in my jeans-and-sneaker-friendly work environment? Or should I continue staring longingly at the grown-up ladies on the train in their blazers and pumps and shift dresses?