Shine & Suede fashion illustration



Today’s Illustration:
foil spot sweatshirt asos, denim american eagle outfitters (or $ Macy’s and $$ J.Crew), studded cross body bag (or $$ asos and $$$$ Rebecca Minkoff), suede booties asos or ($$ Dolce Vita and $$$ adrien)

Our trip is winding down; soon we’re returning to the East Coast.  We have to get more wine tasting in!

I never know where a tasting might lead; I could end up walking in the woods, touring a castle or riding a tram car.  Ankle boots are an instant go-to.  Also, my shine sweatshirt has been invaluable during this trip.  It’s comfy and luxe; never frumpy.  It looks great with skirts or over jeans.

When tasting – you may need reservations.  Also, prepare to shell out $10-$30/per person per tasting.  My brother and his wife get an industry discount; too bad fashion doesn’t work the same way.  (Imagine getting a discount at Barney’s because you’re a designer somewhere else!?)

We didn’t need appointments at any of the places we tried, including: Twomey, Beringer, and Flora Springs.

Twomey had a quaint tasting room and picturesque grounds.  Beringer is one of my faves; the grounds are exactly what you expect of a winery.  They also poured us two wines at once so we could compare.  Sadly, I wasn’t too alert at Flora Springs.  But my brother bought a few bottles – so it must have been great. It’s also located by Dean and DeLuca; after, we had easy access to meat and cheese!!

I’m not a wine buff by any means (I get most of my insight from my sister-in-law’s wine blog) but I would gladly re-vist any of the above.

One last tip!! If you are planning multiple tastings (especially with someone in the industry), be sure to spit!  Don’t be a fool (like me) and sip your way to oblivion – Hehehe.