An open weave sweater and some fun leopard flats.


Today’s Illustration:
Luster necklace by Good Season, open weave sweater J.Crew (or $ asos and $$ Saks), perfect fit tank J.Crewskinny denim asos (or $ asos and $$$ Madewell), leopard gold toe flat Zappos (or $ Madden Girl)

One of the best things I’ve done in SF is see friends.  In movies, NY seems like the best place for your social life, but it can be very lonely.  Recently I felt I had too few close friends; it really got me down.  I attributed it to a lot of things: my serious relationship with V.Ng, busy work-schedules, and my bold personality.

As a kid, I’d get notes sent home for “being too talkative” or “distracting others by socializing.”  I’m usually known as “the outgoing friend” or “an entertainer.”  (V.Ng calls me a clown.)  These aren’t necessarily negative attributes but living with it my whole life… I started thinking my energy was alienating people.  I longed to be the cool, quiet, mysterious girl… basically my BFF.

This month, a friend of mine went through a difficult ordeal.  I contemplated: Should I bring it up? Try to console her? Ignore it?  Although intentions are sincere, sometimes sympathy feels awkward or makes things more emotional.  Upon meeting, I forgot all about that and the happiness/excitement of seeing her again took over.  The “super high-energy, joke-making, story-telling clown” took over.

Later we were joined by another friend and she mentioned, “I haven’t seen her laugh this much in a long time; I’m glad you are here.”

It’s easy to throw yourself under the microscope and nit-pick every facet of your personality.  It’s even easier to forget that friends love you because of the way you are.  I mean, it’s amazing to be able to travel across the country and still have a fun, effortless dinner with someone you haven’t seen in a year.  I’m so thankful for the incredible friends I have (and that I can make them smile… even if it means I’m sometimes the clown.)

Oh yeah, I wore a sweater with black jeans and ballet flats. 😀  Thanks for viewing my fashion illustrations!