What to wear after a day on the slopesToday’s Illustration:
beanie Rugby (or $ asos and $$$ Barney’s), flannel shirt Hollister (or $ urban outfitters and $$$ Shopbop), V.Ng’s sweater (or $ Converse and $$$ Burberry), heather leggings abercrombie (or $ the Outnet and $$$ Net-a-Porter), socks (or asos $$$ LN-CC), fuggs Yesstyle.com (or $ Old Navy and $$$ Uggs)

Happy Monday, everyone!

I just got back from a super fun weekend in South Lake Tahoe.  I had a great time!  But, only half of the fun happens on the mountain; a lot of mischief occurs after the slopes close.  (;

To prepare, I leave a change of clothes in the car. By the end of the day my pants are usually wet from falling so much. And if you ski/snowboard, you know the boots can become more unbearable than six-inch stilettos.

My greatest post-boarding comfort is my greatest shame: my fake Uggs, affectionally known as “Fuggs.” I used to be the loudest opposition to girls sporting “club feet.” Then, for some reason – I just bought them. (Don’t accuse me of never trying anything once!) I admit, they are wonderful for the right occasion (which is never dinner in July.) A quick run to Target in the rain? I’m guilty. But the best use for Fuggs – warming your feet after a long day on the slopes!! They’re obviously not waterproof, so don’t go trudging around in the snow. But, they definitely protect your little feet from the cabin to the car. Plus, after you switch out from your boots to these babies, you will feel like you are walking on clouds.

I love mine because they’re extra short so they don’t make my stunted legs look beefy.  I got mine for an incredibly affordable price at yesstyle.com.

So – my style confession; fashion sacrificed for comfort. How about you – anything to confess? Or, are you in love with your Uggs??