eight essential items for two weeks away from home.


Tomorrow my vacation begins!  We have a full two weeks ahead of us including snowboarding in Lake Tahoe, shopping in San Francisco, wine tasting in Napa and lots of eating all over the Bay Area.

Before this, I didn’t have a bag to accomodate my computer and tablet.  After days of surveying friends, mom and V.Ng I finally landed on this tote by MK.  It was affordable, spacious and super light-weight.  I can fit everything I need in it and avoid the hassle of lugging around two bags.

So here it is along with some other things I can’t live without (in illustration form, of course):

1. nylon tote Michael Kors

2. heart ring catbird (or $ similar) A gift from V.Ng; I wear this every day and cannot leave home without it.

3. coin purse Kate Spade A tiny alternative to my giant wallet.  (I seriously envied V.Ng and his money clip on our last trip.)

4. wayfarers Ray-Ban We are going to sunny Cali, after all!

5. cord leggings asos Perfect for after we hit the slopes – or a full day of shopping in the city!

6. foil spot sweatshirt asos

7. instax instant camera Fujifilm I can’t wait to snap all my besties on the West Coast. (This was a bday present and I love love love it.  The pictures are so cute and using it is so fun!)

8. suede booties Enzo Angiolini (or $$ asos) These babies keep my feet warm and pain-free all day long.

Oh yeah – I forgot to mention, the biggest highlight of our West Coast excursion: SEEING MY BABY NEPHEW FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!

Thanks for viewing (;