Ray-Ban Two Tone Wayfarers

Today’s Illustration:
two-tone wayfarer sunglasses ($$ Ray-Ban)

Last year V.Ng and I were preparing for a trip to Cali. (We visit often because my brother and his wife work in the wine industry in Napa.  Score!)  We went to Soho with the explicit goal of buying shades.  It was a disaster; I ended up crying because so many sales people were really mean to me (Pretty Woman style – wth!) After five hours of sunglass shopping, an emotional episode and a raw oyster pit-stop we finally bought some. I got wayfarers and V.Ng bought clubmasters (which looked like they were made for him.) Fate must have been against us because about a month later neither of us had them.

V.Ng left his in our rental car in Cali.  Mine disappeared during a frenzied dash to Junior’s to use the bathroom after a four hour road trip. (Haha.) I gave up on expensive sunglasses and went back to my $5 F21 pair. Until… A year later I was shopping in Club Monaco with my BFF and saw these beauties. They were a similar shape to the ones I lost and had subtle color blocking!  (I love a classic shape with a unique detail.)  But sad face, the store only had a floor model (I try to get brand-spanking-new if I’m spending more than $50.)  Well, a week later I ended up in a different location and lo and behold — they had a new pair – Woo hoo!! Now I’m a happy camper; I get lots of compliments and I don’t have to walk around with a squinty face.  Don’t you just love sunnies? P.S. I bought V.Ng another pair of Clubmasters with some reward points I had.  They looked too good on him, he had to own them. (;