Switch out leggings with a skirt, flats for booties and take your look through morning, noon and night.


Today’s Illustration: heart sweatshirt Forever21 (or $ asos and $$$ Shopbop), silk blouse Theory (or $ asos and $$$ Theory), high-waisted leggings Zara (or $ Macy’s), bow ballet flats ALDOfaux-leather panel skirt Forever21 (or $ asos  and $$$ Rag & Bone), leopard booties LOFT (or $ Madden Girl), studded cross body bag (or $$ asos and $$$$ Rebecca Minkoff), Zara gold accent coat (or $ Macy’s and $$$$ MyWardrobe)

I guess the holiday season has everyone craving festivities; my calendar is packed with dinner dates! (I’m not complaining; I love seeing friends and nom-ing on delicious food.)  However, it does create the challenge of choosing an outfit I can take from daytime to playtime (haha, I can’t believe I wrote that.)

Last night was a cousin dinner V.Ng planned at Hot Kitchen in the East Village.  I wanted to put together something “nice” that wasn’t too fussy/dressy.  (It’s just hot pot, after all.)

I styled my office look with Zara leggings; they’re more appropriate than a mini.  I chose flats because I never know if there will be a lot of bouncing between my desk and the printer.  Plus, who knows what the night has in store?  Going from place to place? Hours of karaoke? I want to save my foot-pain-threshold for after hours!

After work, I swapped flats for leopard booties and switched into the mini.  This skirt was an impulse buy on Forever21.com, but no regrets!  I love the faux leather panels; it’s a nice subtle detail that doesn’t look cheap-y.  You may recognize the booties from my gift guide.  I was in love with them and couldn’t resist when LOFT had a 50% off promo.

On a side note: I am having more and more fun experimenting with the brushes in Photoshop.  I hope you like what I came up with for today’s illustration!  Happy Friday, everyone! Have a great weekend. ♥ Thanks for reading!!