I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of my gift guide.  (Check back soon for ideas for your boyfriend, BFF and yourself.)  Now on to more presents!


What to buy your parents or in-laws.


For parents (or in-laws): $$$ Kindle Fire, $$$$ Chrome Book, $$ Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season (and Second Season), $$$$ Wii U

It’s ironic that the oldest people on my list get the most technological picks.  My  parents usually want gadgets but are too shy/confused to purchase their own.  I heard parents fell in love with iPad, but if you’re pockets aren’t as deep Kindle Fire is perfect.  If they want a little more utility, try the Chrome Book.  It’s portable and functional at a very small cost.

My parents watch a lot of TV but for some reason missed out on Game of Thrones.  The graphic um… “love” scenes make it something you won’t want to watch together (and maybe not for more conservative folks.)  But, once they are addicted they’ll love you for sharing it, even if you don’t discuss it in detail.

V.Ng (and a lot of us) grew up with video games used as bribes for good behavior.  Now, he comes home for the holidays and his dad nearly broke his shoulder playing Wii sports all night.  (Last year my parents had a Kinect dance battle with my best friend’s parents. Embarrassing.)  This addition to Nintendo’s line up boasts the newest technology: a tablet integrated into the game.  Your parents probably won’t stop bowling until 11pm (super late by parent standards.)

Gift ideas for your co-worker this holiday season.

For your co-worker: $ Hamster Post-its, $ Panda Mug, $$$ Fred Perry Patchwork Cable Scarf, $$$ Jambox

We all have that co-worker we eat lunch with every day.  Or, maybe you have a boss that is really cool and you just want to show a little appreciation.  All these picks are fun, humorous and something to enjoy at the office or home.  I love fun office accessories; post-its and a cute mug are silly trinkets for the desk.  You can’t fail with a color-block scarf in classic cables.  And, my favorite speaker, the Jambox, has impressive sound quality and is wireless, portable, and looks great.  It will liven up the office for sure!  (Plus, tons of blogs and sites – like Style.com – approve!)

And hey,

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