Watercolor fashion illustration of my Burberry Brit down puffer coat, yay!


Today’s illustration:
Burberry Brit Puffer (or Nordstrom) 

After I moved back to the East Coast from Oakland, I never got a good winter coat.  (All my coats are thin and short.)  Last year wasn’t bad because it was unusually warm all winter.  But this year I was determined to get something really legit!  About a month ago, I begged V.Ng to drive me to Woodbury Commons – it was worth it!

We stumbled on this awesome Burberry Brit down-filled puffer.

I had my heart set on a full-length cashmere coat, but this looked so great I couldn’t pass it up.  (I thought about it all day and tried it on four different times!)

It’s difficult to find a long coat that works on me.  (Proportionally, I think Burberry is a great brand for petites!)  The sleeves are the perfect length, the hem hits at the right place, and it’s puffy but not bulky.

It’s hard for me to justify spending too much on clothes.  But, after being homeless this week I am so thankful I have my Burberry puffer!!!!  I was roaming in the cold and the wind with my duffel bag.  The down-filling keeps me warm and it’s lightweight so I don’t feel bogged down.

I definitely recommend investing in a great outerwear piece especially if you live in a cold-weather climate.  You wear it so many times, you definitely get your money’s worth.  My only regret is that I waited so long to buy one.  Brrrr.

PS: V.Ng and I volunteered with Sandy relief in Hoboken.  We are thankful that our families, friends and ourselves are safe and sound.  Many people were not as fortunate and lost everything or are still cold and in the dark.  If you are in the area there are many volunteer opportunities or you can donate.

Thanks again to all my viewers! ♥ ♥ ♥