Another Quick Artist Q&A From Instagram with @bigfashionbook and others!

Quick Artist Q&A: Art School

Whenever I happen to mention I'm an illustrator, nine times out of ten, someone overhears and asks if their son or daughter should go to art school. I was actually curious to find out if any of the other illustrators and artists I admire had a "traditional" creative background. I thought it would...
The bell sleeve trend! (:

Trend: Bell Sleeve

These days, I don't spend too much time following trends and what's in fashion. But, sometimes styles are so prevalent, being influenced is ...
Live sketching event at Bloomingdale's

Live Sketching at Bloomingdale’s

Before 2016 is over, I want to share one of the most awesome jobs I've had this year: Live sketching at Bloomingdale's! This type of thing is more and more common at fashion events. It'something I've always wanted to do. There were a few chances, but they always seemed to fall through. So, I coul...